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My idea of a perfect weekday.....

Posted on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 | By Gautam | In , ,

The cell phone alarm rings for the nth time and with blatant stubbornness, I press the snooze button for the nth time (its kinda love and hate relationship that we have). But this time when it rings, 'my' alarm bells start ringing 'coz its 11:30 am and I have a presentation at 1200hrs. Whoa!!! I jump off the bed (and in the process ape Ethan Hunt!!!) and barely make it to the class. Barely.

I'm sure the above scene is not too alien for our imagination 'coz most of us are lazy asses. Still, here's my list of acts, which, if they fall into place, make for a perfect weekday. So here goes nothing:

  • It starts with one of my friends shouting and making all the noises in this world to wake me up. Or this pious act is sometimes done by my cell.

  • At least two large cups of tea (just writing 'bout it makes me crave for it!!!) for breakfast. I don't care if I don't have anything to eat, but no compromises on my daily dose of caffeine.

  • Now all this exercise will be futile without me smoking. I need my share of nicotine, man!!! And stop judging me, I'm not a rapist!!!

  • Some nondescript events here and there (like attending classes and all) and its lunch.

  • Lunch should be heavy. Heavier the better. Being the Bong that I am, I live to eat.....

  • An afternoon nap is inevitable (provided fate has not scheduled a class or two).

  • Its evening and my caffeine+nicotine craving is back. But this time, its not the mess. A tapri (roadside tea stall) is the single-point-of-meeting for all the lazy asses. Just for the records, all you high nosed people who have tea in the typical Victorian fashion, its NO good (#fail I say).

  • And before we even realize, its dinner time. Time for the pigs to feast on the grub, once again.

  • Night is for everything (yeah yeah that too, you dirty mind) but studies. Invariably it would be a movie(s) or seasons of some sitcom (its the fifth rerun of Friends for me!!!). If movies fail to do the trick, we sneak out of our hostel for the graveyard shift of tea and maggi :)

  • Now what? Sleep.

That's pretty much what a typical day of mine pans out like. Yes we would have submissions, evaluations, exams et all, but the happen. They just happen. If it was not for the 11th hour, we would have never finished the job on our hands.....

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This reminds me of hostel..
Total rada...!!!
Wakeup at almost noon, lunch, nap, coffee n chats, dinner, all night "friends" or movie n sleep...

Haha.. Dude ..Kudos to u for Keeping the College Spirit alive.. !! very well written..