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Whose bike is it anyway???


Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Sample this- you are standing in a shop and your bike is parked a few feet away. A wannabe dude passes your bike, stops, rotates its rear view mirror as if he's the next Bruce Lee, adjusts his mop like hair, admires his Tom Cruise look and walks away happily. The person who's unhappy is you when you return to your bike only to find that someone has fondled with it.

Now cut to this scene- you come back to your bike only to find someone sitting on its seat and all this while he has played with its instrumentation, its gears and what not as if he's the rightful owner. You frown, glare scornfully, utter a few bad words (you know what words I'm talking about!!!) and helplessly drive away.

All of us who own two wheelers have been privy to such situations all too frequently. Sometimes we're on the receiving end too (because we shamelessly emulate each other).

What does this tell? Following are my inferences (you may choose to disagree if you belong to the aggravating camp)-
  • People here have no civic sense.
  • We don't know how to respect someone's private property.
  • We just love to abuse someone else's property (maybe this is how we vent out our frustration).
  • Our teachers and parents have failed to sensitize us (oh I just love this blame game).
  • We've taken this Sanakrit mantra of Vasudhev Kutumbkam so very seriously and customized it in such a manner that we consider everything we lay our hands to be our property!!!
Please guys, give me a break!!! Respect someone's privacy. Or at-least try to.....

Charlie Wilson's War???


Posted on Monday, June 29, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Erstwhile USSR is to be blamed for the current security problem that we face called the Taliban. The Regan administration is to be blamed. Why? Go watch 'Charlie Wilson's War'. It tells the tale of how a congressman was instrumental in raising the CIA's covert operations fund in Afganistan from a meagre US$5 million to over a Billion US dollars. How Americans transformed Afgans into Mujahiddins equipping them with Stinger missiles and Kalashnikovs. The Mujahids were freedom fighters then. They are terrorists today. Period.  

The same weapons which drew away the evil communists away are now being used to wage a jihad against the lone super-power today. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!!!

Part of the problem today could have been non existent today had the Americans invested a few more dollars rebuilding war torn Afganistan instead of reorganising Eastern Europe. As our protagonist in the movie says while the Russians were retreating from Afganistan, "More than half of the country's population is below 14 and when they come back to find their families dead, their cities destroyed, who are they gonna turn their guns to???".

The world, especially the Indian Subcontinent is bearing the brunt of the mistakes of the Cold war. I suppose the Russians are now happy. The Americans must be happy too. India is paying. Pakistan is paying. And more importantly, Afganistan is paying.....

Of Gods and queues


Posted on Saturday, June 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Finding God was never easy. Meeting God was never easy. So we invented temples, the portals which would facilitate our connection with the Gods. But its turning out even they are finding it tough to handle the traffic of all the devotees. What with all those long queues that dot the temples today. Been to a temple lately? I'm sure you have and will empathise me on this. Whoever said that finding God isn't easy clearly had this premonotion.

Now comes the funnier part. Take care of your belongings, your wallets, your shoes and what not. If temples with the Gods overlooking all of us had to write all this, I'd have to write this- God save us all. If I don't have the peace of mind, in search of which I went to the temple in the first place, there is no point going to these places only to add to the headcount (sometimes to the count of all those injured due to stampedes and all).

Why? Because we all cannot wait for our turn to come to offer our prayers. After all we are busy human beings. We have all those important jobs to finish.

Still we all will continue to add to the queues in search for God......

Fill it. Shut it. Forget it.


Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Fill it. Shut it. Forget it. Yes, this is the tag line Hero Honda chose when it launched its now legendary CD 100 25 years ago. It was supposed to target the mileage conscious Indian middle class. And the tag line is back once again. And there couldn't have been a more opportune time.

I feel the tag line cuts across all the segments that Kotler talks of. More so in today's day and age when crude prices are hovering around $70/ barrel and will shoot up once this recession thing is done and over with. Plus you have all those doomsday mongers who predict that the world crude reserves will hold only for the next 20 odd years at the current rate of consumption. Also with the world around realising that global warming is going to be the major concern going ahead and fossil fuel emissions are a major contributor, fill it, shut it, forget it never sounded sweeter.

It is also heartening to see the auto companies fighting to provide the consumer with options where he gets that extra mile for every drop of petrol. Auto companies the world over have understood the simple fact that even the consumer wants leaner machines. And those who haven't (General Motors to be precise)well oblivion is staring them right into their eyes.

So wanting to squeeze that extra mile out of every drop of gasoline is not so middle class now. Its supposed to be nature friendly (and in vogue). And thanks to recession, people now want leaner, more efficient vehicles. The companies are going back to the drawing board to survive.

And all this makes for a great sight. So fill it, shut it, forget it. Sit back and relax.....

Unemployed or unemployable.....


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We read news regarding unemployment all too much. Newspapers and news channels awash with unemployment related news. The sheer population of our country makes the absolute unemployment numbers look gargantuan. There's too much unrest in the country's youth and unemployment is to be blamed- is what we hear all too regularly. But are these assertions true? Let's put on a contrarian veil and try to look at the other picture. The picture which we all refuse to see 'cos we have a long history of not confronting the bitter truth.

Unemployable, simply unemployable.

Take a simple example of an average domestic help. You have to repeatedly tell the person how to execute a job. Still he/ she will be more than happy to give the job his/her own twist. Now one does not need to be a rocket scientist to take orders and do only that much as is told. Then they need all the holidays. Punctuality??? What's that? I'm not trying to paint all of them with the same brush but you'll have to concur with me that most domestic help available today suffers with these problems. Being illiterate cannot be an excuse.

Now lets come on to the millions who hold a diploma or a degree. The education that is imparted to us in most of the centers of higher education is simply outdated. Or else how would you explain this- companies recruiting people have to invest on their training for 3 to 4 months. We aren't equipped to work off the shelf!!!

The problem lies within. Finding a scapegoat is easy. Finding the root cause and then fixing the problem requires competence. And that is something that we simply don't have.

Unemployable, utterly unemployable.....

Of eclairs and change.....


Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 | By Gautam | In

You go to a friendly neighborhood kirana store (also called the mom & pop store in retail jargon) and buy something which costs, say 24 bucks. You give the proprietor 30 bucks and in return he hands over a change of 5 bucks and an eclairs (or any other toffee). What's that? If you argue, he'll counter attack by saying sahab, khulle nahin hain. In the meantime if you happen to notice, all his friendliness is gone.

Fair enough. But since transactions are a two way traffic, I'll have my say too. Or so I thought before I was disillusioned.

The next time I went to his shop, I gave him 20 bucks and 4 eclairs for something that costs 24 bucks (again!). What's that, the guy retorted (with his friendliness disappearing into thin air, I might add). This is the type of situation we all have faced when we have been taken for a ride with a perfect excuse of unavailability of change. Ya, whatever.

Such is the extent of cartelisation in our country that this scene is replicated all over the country, even while I'm writing this post. And these kirana-wallas cry foul when big retailers enter our cities citing a cripple argument that their business will be hit. Survival of the fittest dude.

And yes, I want my change back.....

root@machine: ~$ sudo apt-get install sanity


Posted on Saturday, June 20, 2009 | By Gautam | In ,

Salvation at last. From Microsoft Windows. From the legend that Vista is because it decided to hang, perpetually. RIP. Period.

I'm not much of a geek or a nerd but I am a fan of speed, of performance, of visual pleasantries. XP was fast but was a laggard when it came to graphics. Buying a Mac would require me to rob a bank. Vista tried (very hard) but failed miserably on the performance and graphics front. Then you had all those viruses and worms and trojans and what not. Then you had a piece of software called the antivirus which according to me is the biggest virus 'cos it hogs 1/3rd of your system's memory. Plus Microsoft considers you, the user so very dumb that it decided to hide as many system tools from you as possible. Then you have all those 3rd party apps which cost you a bomb. Combine all this and you have an ecosystem which perhaps aims at world domination (are you listening Google guys?)!!! No more.

Frustrated from all this and having an appetite for a little bit of experimentation, I set out on the road less travelled. I typed the magical link (, and put the Ubuntu torrent on download. It took a painful four and a half long hours for the Ubuntu iso to download (thanks to the BSNL Broadband), but after that everything happened in a jiffy. Got the MD5 checksum done. The Ubuntu guys even suggested an open source image burning software which burned the iso pretty quickly.

But before we go ahead, its a good idea to have multiple partitions on your HDD and your data backup. Boot your system from the Ubuntu CD and select 'Try Ubuntu without making changes to your system'. See whether its playing the sounds, displaying the graphics and connecting to the net. If any of the them don't work, you'll probably need a driver for it.


Installation is guided!!! Select the 'Install Ubuntu' option this time. It takes seven steps to install. The trickiest part is the disk partitioning. Select the guided partitioning (the third option). Give 4 gigs to linux swap, as much as you want to filesystem (selecting ext3) and giving '/' to mount point.

Wallah. You have your Ubuntu ready to be installed. It took my system 20 mins flat to install Ubuntu. Pretty fast!!! Updates take upto an hour to install depending upon your net connection speed. But the results are pleasing. You have a system that's nifty, visually pleasing, no viruses, highly customizable, all the basic applications and complete support @

What else does a man (or a woman for that matter) need.

In a world with Linux, we don't need windows and gates!!!

Comfortbly dumb???


Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | By Gautam | In ,

Stumbled upon this piece of news a couple of days back (catch the full article @ and was instantly alarmed, not because its titled in the name of national security, but because of the sheer importance this article holds. Because its about your privacy, my privacy. Because I've been watching too many films like Enemy of the state and their like. Because a senior babu can be privy to your emails, can block your URL, can round up your ISP to cough up your surfing data (yes, they'll know if you visited all those x-rated websites). So much so for the anonymity you longed for. All this in the name of national security.

Yes, whatever you read in the above paragraph is totally correct. An innocuous sounding The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 seeks to give teeth to existing laws on information technology and cyberspace. And it was hastily passed in the wake of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. You and I were happily sleeping, our supposed vigilante(?) media, which creates a hue and cry when the Indian team gets out of the T-20 World Cup was sleeping. Everyone, was SLEEPING.

Privacy? What's that? More importantly who cares about privacy? True, national security is important. But providing your babus with absolute powers is quixotic. And all this while the laws remains open to interpretation by these people. And talking about ambiguity (intentional?), sample this- unavoidable circumstances are not defined, remote areas are not defined.

As the case already is with us people, we are not sensitive towards the privacy of other people, we are not aware of our privacy rights and all this clearly reflects in the draft. Looks like we are interested more in taking cue from China when it comes to freedom of expression on the net. We all bear testimony to the fact as to how (in)justice was served in The Pirate Bay case.

The net was the last bastion which offered some sort of anonymity and freedom but by the looks of it, those days are soon going to be over. Big Brother is watching. The gestapo is watching. All this while we are sleeping. Comfortably Dumb??? Yes!!!

Are you listening doctor???


Posted on Sunday, June 14, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Yesterday I was sitting, happily sipping away on my evening tea when suddenly my phone rang. My friend on the other side sounded quite anxious. He had developed some sort of a bulging on his abdomen and needed to see a good surgeon.

We went to one, considered one of the best in my city. People there were apparently waiting for doctor saab. More than the patients, you had their concerned relatives. You also had an organism, rather organisms, all impeccably dressed, all loaded up with their bags. These organisms are also known as medical representatives. The scheduled time for saab to show up was 6, informed his assistant. We waited. 6.15. 6.30. 6.45. Finally saab decided to show up. Or better still, he took an avatar for the well being of us lesser mortals. The patients and their families (mostly from the villages) bowed (this reminded me of feudalism which still exists, but has metamorphosed).

As soon as saab entered his chamber, chaos ensued outside. Everyone wanted to get hold of saab first. Fair enough. But this reminded me of all those chaotic scenes wherein you have police too, ensuring orderliness. But somehow sanity prevailed and the assistant (no less than a superhero's sidekick) ensured some orderliness. Along with diagnosing, saab also had his chats going on with the medical reps.

I'm sure you too are familiar with such an experience. We see and feel it all too regularly. But it also raises some questions-
  • Why do we prefer to visit a doctor at his house rather than the hospital?
  • Does the sarkaari doctor saab diagnose better at home than hospital?
  • When the patient is paying him his fee, why doesn't he ensure an undivided and undiluted attention? Is talking to the medical rep so very important?
  • How is a poor person expected to pay 100 bucks as the consultation fee when the minimum wage rate in Rajasthan is 73 bucks?
  • How is he going to survive the aftershock of buying the supposedly superior patented medicines?
  • Is anybody listening?
All this simply points to one thing and one thing only. Our medical system is in rots and it has now become untreatable. Many of the doctors are a part of the nexus of some medical companies (with the goodies being delivered to them continuously). Even the private hospitals like Fortis, Apollo and all are not an answer, they're simply out of budget for most Indians. Surely we have tough times ahead.

Doctor, are you listening???



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Two incidents yesterday made me sit up and ponder over what is happening in India.
  • Incident 1: The crowd at Lord's erupted at the instance of "Jai Hey" when our national anthem was being sung. I felt immensely proud and almost skipped a heartbeat sitting in front of the tv (even felt that England may very well be on its way to become the 29th Indian state).
  • Incident 2: While listening to the radio, a person was asked to choose between Brian Lara and another celebrity. Her choice- the other celebrity. The grounds- Lara is black. This incident becomes all the more pertinent in these times given that we are charging people down under as racists.
The two incidents may not be connected to each other, but deep down inside they do pose questions for us, as the citizens, as to how we perceive us in these times, how do we handle the tag of an emerging superpower. One does feel great to be a citizen of an emerging superpower but I feel overtly overwhelmed with all the problems that we have brushed under the carpet. Here are some of the points that trouble me:
  • It feels good when you are considered as a superpower but its disgusting when the jingoistic rhetoric compares us with China. I'd rather be in a developing country than in a totalitarian, iron fisted, soul-less country like china. Surely we've misplaced our priorities.
  • Accept it, we are a racist people. Calling people black, our brothers from the north east as chinkis and the list goes on.
  • I hardly find ourselves a sensitive nation. Handicapped people are still a butt of many a jokes, there are no special provisions like ramps and all for these people (a pattern highly unbecoming of a superpower).
  • Reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs is fine but talk about giving 1/3rd reservation to women in parliament and our MPs (the male ones) threaten to commit suicide. Some way of displaying male chauvinism.
  • Instead of sensitising the male youth and curbing eve teasing, girls are advised to carry themselves in a 'certain manner' or simply jeans are banned in colleges for girls!!!
  • Civic sense is something we can borrow from countries like Japan. Indiscriminate honking on the roads, not paying for our water utility bills to name a few.
Surely we are a better nation than this. We can either aspire to be a nation to be looked up to or with our immensely indifferent attitude be looked down upon. Our hour has come. Its been more than 60 years since we had a tryst with the destiny. We just cannot continue to live in the shadow of being a great assimilating civilization. Something more needs to be done. And by the looks of it, we aren't equipped.....

Of Mini Skirts and Global Warming.....


Posted on Friday, June 12, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The skewed logic is back after a hiatus of one day! And contrary to what you may like to infer from the heading of the blog, its not quite like that. Now coming back to the topic. Me and my friend were having a chat when suddenly at the mention of mini skirts (:D) this idea struck me. It may seem frivolous to you, but read on.

Here's what I propose- mini skirts to combat global warming. It may be contrary to the belief of some people (who think such attire is responsible for the rise in global temprature!). More mini skirts and spaghetti tops equates to lesser global warming. Here's how-
  1. They need lesser cloth to tailor. Lesser cloth= lesser cotton or other synthetic stuff, lesser material needed, lesser wastage.
  2. Lesser dyes, other chemicals and all= eco-friendly.
  3. Lesser weight= lesser use of fossil fuel needed transport= lesser emissions.
  4. Smaller size= smaller packaging= lesser plastic and paper= lesser wastage (yet again, :)).
We all are doing our bit to save our planet. The bitter, oh sorry I meant the better half of the world too should chip in with their effort. And besides all the above stated advantages, mini skirts and spaghetti tops have their inherent advantages too. And we're quite familiar with them, aren't we!!!

Whose morality is it anyway.....


Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Statutory warning: The following piece of literature is not against parents and people who belong to the older generation.

Why did I just write the above warning? No, its not because of a legislation or a court order. You'll soon get to know.

How many of us are familiar with this scene- a kid being dragged to a satsang where he/she is subjected to confront a person babbling verses in language only the gods will understand (because its encrypted with a 1024 bit key!!!) and in a tone that hardly illicits devotion (rather it seems the pundit is going through the motions). I'm sure many have suffered (because we too have been at the recieving end). Watch this, don't watch that. Listen to this, don't listen that. Read this, don't read that. This is fine upto an extent (we don't want our youngsters watching, listening or reading all the wrong stuff, do we), but all this becomes too much after an extent. Its like our elders are puppeteering us. Why? In the name of morality. Juxtaposing their version of morality on our sensibilities is the favourite pastime in our nation.

Many of us have studied a dreaded and boring subject called moral science (or something like that) during our schooling. It taught us all that is good and morally correct and even politically correct in some cases. But try standing up for your rights in front of your teacher or parents or elders and surely more often than not, you'll be subjected to this- jaban ladata hai!!! Followed by some sort of punishment (corporal mostly). This is true even when we land up in colleges and post-grad courses.

Unclejis driving their vehicles in the wrong lane, spitting here and there, breaking rules blatantly would love to shower you with their wisdom(?) and more importantly their version of morality. Sanskaar is a buzz word these days for such people and by the looks of it, there is a dearth of it in youngsters. Sirs, would you please explain this to me- why do so many people from your generation get caught on charges of corruption and all? What does this signify? That your elders were pretty unable to discharge you with the right set of morals? Would it be right if I assume so?

Stop this moral onslaught on us. The best way a kid learns stuff is when he/she is exposed to information from all around and allowed to make an informed, unbiased view. If the morality that has been imparted to us is so lame as to keep us a developing nation in these 60 years, then I'm proud to wear this badge- MORALLY IMPAIRED.....

Kick the Butt!!!!! Oh really???


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Attacking tobacco users (misusers for some), especially the smoking kind is in vogue these days. With students to a former health minister (who had nothing better to do than try to stub the butt) to doctors to everyone who's a someone seem to point their energies (i'd rather dub it as frustration) towards cigarettes. I have a fundamental problem rather problems with all this brouhaha going on. Here are some of them (numbered to make it easier to read):

1. If I have the right to vote, I also have the right to smoke. Ban cigarettes if its such a bane. But the government wouldn't because it gets them truck loads of money in the form of taxes.
2. The people who oppose smoking should give up on consuming sweetened carbonated water (that's Coke and Pepsi for you) because they use precious ground water (and you thought I'd start jumping on the pesticide rhetoric!).
3. All of them should also give up on meat because its a proven fact that maintaining livestock increases output of green house gases.
4. Give up on your fossil fuel guzzling vehicles and take to public transport. Even all those vehicles that are not Bharat Stage IV compliant should be thrown out of the roads. After all its the environment you see!!!
5. Stop all the hybrid and electric vehicles propaganda. Batteries still need lead.
6. Discard all those CFL lamps. They've mercury and its tough to dispose.

What? Is it so tough? What makes your actions right and mine wrong? Don't I have the liberty to do as I please? No, I don't smoke around people and make them passive smokers (see I'm a responsible citizen).

Kick the butt??? Forget it.....

My failed attempts at putting a Web Filter


Posted on Sunday, June 07, 2009 | By Gautam | In

I have my interns at one of the biggest government office in Rajasthan and my profile is that of a information security consultant (sounds good, doesn't it). The office like most government offices is terrified of the broadband bills that materialise at the beginning of every month. No one seems to use the net, no one seems to download anything but somehow due to some conspiracy the bills seem to get fatter and fatter and fatter.

In comes the consultant (i.e. me) and he's given the mandate of getting things under control. But we won't spend any money, he's told. Fair enough. I'm a great fan of open-source anyways and Untangled Web Server is the most logical answer. It filters the access, its free, its fast and its just what the doctor ordered.What does an office need? Access to mails, some sites, download extensions like .doc, .xls, .pdf and their ilk. You don't need access to porn sites, YouTube, social networking websites, torrents, mp3's, avi's and stuff, chats.

The proposal is made, the iso image (google it if you're new to this term) of Untangle is downloaded (at my own cost, I might add!!!) and everything is good to go. But the office forgot one thing- you need a harware to run a software on. This one required a stripped off P-4, 512 mb ram, 40 gigs of space on the HDD and 2 network cards. A pretty cheap affair for an office with budgets in crores.

But the required resource couldn't be gathered. The filter could not be installed and the fat bills could not be trimmed. Alas, when will we get over our short-sightedness!!!!!

Formals or Jail-clothes???


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Scene 1: "What's with the uniform???", I asked my teacher in primary. No answer. I asked my dad the same seemingly nondescript question. "Discipline son, discipline". "How come?", to which I had no satisfactory answer till date. Ma'am, dad, I'm still waiting for my answer!!!

Scene 2: I decide to go in for an MBA (the first choice of driven unemployed people) and land in Symbi. "Guys Nat Sem!!! Turn up in your college formals.", and I find myself outside the auditorium in formals and sweating in the Pune heat.

What's all this brouhaha with formals? Will someone please explain? Do I become more disciplined? Do I become intellectually superior to people in casuals? Do I become more productive? Take the example of IBM vis-a-vis Google. IBM has always been viewed as a company with executives as cold as steel dressed in blue. Cut to the Google environment where one can come in casuals. Its attracting the best brains too. Does IBM or other such iron-clad companies get the best talent?

And yes, how can I forget the impeccably dressed in three piece suit bankers of the Wall Street who have caused the recent recession (alongwith the junk bond scam they created in the late eighties). Does one become morally upright in a uniform/casuals? Why are the police forces around the world corrupt then? Why are the representatives on Capitol Hill, Sansad (in India) all dressed in casuals corrupt?

I simply cannot understand and people simply don't have answers to this!!!

Where's my Chocosutra.....


Posted on Friday, June 05, 2009 | By Gautam | In

First we had the Kamasutra on TV. Now we have the Aamsutra!!!!! No, I'm not going to go into the moral policing tizzy here. Its just that this ad of Slice had provoked me (not in that sense). It has been on TV for quite some time now and the actress in it, a certain Katrina Kaif displays with oomph why she is ruling the minds of most of the testosterone laden Indian men. Enough with the post mortem of this ad. Lets go back to why I sat down to write this blog. Am not pretty sure which segment of the market this ad targets (see I've read Kotler). But none the less, portraying a mango drink as a medium of foreplay is indeed revolutionary.

Extending this logic further along with my love for chocolates, lets have a sensuous ad for chocolates too. A Chocosutra. Sounds good? Well it should. Chocolates are known aphrodisiacs anyways. And we all know uses of chocolates other than just eating it, don't we!!! Whenever I hear words like temptations for a chocolate brand, it just leaves me pondering why don't we have a good ad for them. If mangos can have Miss Kaif vouching and cringing for them, chocolates surely pose a better proposition.

Any Indian ad agency listening??!!!

US goes Socialistic. Or is it.....


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Breaking news: The US goes socialistic. Well its a stale news actually because their intent should have been clear for people right when Obama announced the $800 billion bailout package. But the latest news in the series i.e. GM going bankrupt (well we all knew GM was a sinking ship, didn't we) should seal the debate once and for all, that the US is showing underpinnings of a socialistic state. The country which long stood as the supporter for free trade and unabashedly supported Adam Smith's laissez faire has to go ahead and interfere in the free functioning of the markets. What now? The markets have given their verdict loud and clear- GM was functioning as a lethargic leviathan and its own actions led to its downfall.

Obama’s speeches and the terms and conditions that followed the bailout package once again ripped off the mask, behind which the US tries to conceal its protectionist nature. There was a time in the US just after the Second World War that many people (including Charlie Chaplin) had to appear before commissions on the charges of being communists. The US had for a long time lambasted the communists and touted the fall of the USSR as the victory of capitalism.

Maybe the US can take a leaf out of a developing country like India which for long has embraced the concept of a welfare state with the leeway for capitalists to create a hybrid- socialism. And this model too has been under attack from the capitalists and they’ve tried their bit to bring in their model of development. Maybe their propagation i.e. spend spend spend will stop now. Not a single bank in India has filed for bankruptcy. The reason? Strong regulation.

Maybe the US will now realise that being a socialist state is not such a bad thing. Maybe they’ll stop wasting. Maybe the US will follow the lean model (due pun intended). Or maybe I’m expecting too much from a spendthrift country where the CEOs fly to Washington in private jets to beg.

What a shame.....

Railway Ministry @ Kolkata???


Posted on Monday, June 01, 2009 | By Gautam | In

A view which has been disturbing me lately has been that of Miss Mamta Bannerjee handling the all important Railway Ministry from Kolkata. When I last checked, the ministry was housed in New Delhi. Agreed ma'am that your love and care for the people of Kolkata has overwhelmed you and that your short term goal is to defeat the communists, but that does not change the facts. You took the oath of a cabinet minister and vowed to serve the people of India and not that of Kolkata only. If you find it so very tough to toggle between your priorities, better leave the burden. Many people will be more than happy to fill into your shoes. And as such, the ministry has been provided to Miss Bannerjee as a reward for helping the UPA. We've already seen how the Trinamool Congress has used Singur for its own advantage only to make the state of Gujarat the beneficiaries. Whiping out controversies and milching out problems from them and not providing solutions has long been the forte of Trinamool.

Don't just look at the people of West Bengal only ma'am, think about the rest of India too. Please don't make your term in the office seem a repeat of Nitish Kumar's.