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Of Gods and queues

Posted on Saturday, June 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Finding God was never easy. Meeting God was never easy. So we invented temples, the portals which would facilitate our connection with the Gods. But its turning out even they are finding it tough to handle the traffic of all the devotees. What with all those long queues that dot the temples today. Been to a temple lately? I'm sure you have and will empathise me on this. Whoever said that finding God isn't easy clearly had this premonotion.

Now comes the funnier part. Take care of your belongings, your wallets, your shoes and what not. If temples with the Gods overlooking all of us had to write all this, I'd have to write this- God save us all. If I don't have the peace of mind, in search of which I went to the temple in the first place, there is no point going to these places only to add to the headcount (sometimes to the count of all those injured due to stampedes and all).

Why? Because we all cannot wait for our turn to come to offer our prayers. After all we are busy human beings. We have all those important jobs to finish.

Still we all will continue to add to the queues in search for God......

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tu mandir gaya hi kyon tha be.............
kisi madhushala hi chala jata, wahan bhi shiv ji ka prasad milta hai..............hahhahhahahahahha