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Whose bike is it anyway???

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Sample this- you are standing in a shop and your bike is parked a few feet away. A wannabe dude passes your bike, stops, rotates its rear view mirror as if he's the next Bruce Lee, adjusts his mop like hair, admires his Tom Cruise look and walks away happily. The person who's unhappy is you when you return to your bike only to find that someone has fondled with it.

Now cut to this scene- you come back to your bike only to find someone sitting on its seat and all this while he has played with its instrumentation, its gears and what not as if he's the rightful owner. You frown, glare scornfully, utter a few bad words (you know what words I'm talking about!!!) and helplessly drive away.

All of us who own two wheelers have been privy to such situations all too frequently. Sometimes we're on the receiving end too (because we shamelessly emulate each other).

What does this tell? Following are my inferences (you may choose to disagree if you belong to the aggravating camp)-
  • People here have no civic sense.
  • We don't know how to respect someone's private property.
  • We just love to abuse someone else's property (maybe this is how we vent out our frustration).
  • Our teachers and parents have failed to sensitize us (oh I just love this blame game).
  • We've taken this Sanakrit mantra of Vasudhev Kutumbkam so very seriously and customized it in such a manner that we consider everything we lay our hands to be our property!!!
Please guys, give me a break!!! Respect someone's privacy. Or at-least try to.....

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oh I just love this blame game..........:)