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Railway Ministry @ Kolkata???

Posted on Monday, June 01, 2009 | By Gautam | In

A view which has been disturbing me lately has been that of Miss Mamta Bannerjee handling the all important Railway Ministry from Kolkata. When I last checked, the ministry was housed in New Delhi. Agreed ma'am that your love and care for the people of Kolkata has overwhelmed you and that your short term goal is to defeat the communists, but that does not change the facts. You took the oath of a cabinet minister and vowed to serve the people of India and not that of Kolkata only. If you find it so very tough to toggle between your priorities, better leave the burden. Many people will be more than happy to fill into your shoes. And as such, the ministry has been provided to Miss Bannerjee as a reward for helping the UPA. We've already seen how the Trinamool Congress has used Singur for its own advantage only to make the state of Gujarat the beneficiaries. Whiping out controversies and milching out problems from them and not providing solutions has long been the forte of Trinamool.

Don't just look at the people of West Bengal only ma'am, think about the rest of India too. Please don't make your term in the office seem a repeat of Nitish Kumar's.

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