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Kick the Butt!!!!! Oh really???

Posted on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Attacking tobacco users (misusers for some), especially the smoking kind is in vogue these days. With students to a former health minister (who had nothing better to do than try to stub the butt) to doctors to everyone who's a someone seem to point their energies (i'd rather dub it as frustration) towards cigarettes. I have a fundamental problem rather problems with all this brouhaha going on. Here are some of them (numbered to make it easier to read):

1. If I have the right to vote, I also have the right to smoke. Ban cigarettes if its such a bane. But the government wouldn't because it gets them truck loads of money in the form of taxes.
2. The people who oppose smoking should give up on consuming sweetened carbonated water (that's Coke and Pepsi for you) because they use precious ground water (and you thought I'd start jumping on the pesticide rhetoric!).
3. All of them should also give up on meat because its a proven fact that maintaining livestock increases output of green house gases.
4. Give up on your fossil fuel guzzling vehicles and take to public transport. Even all those vehicles that are not Bharat Stage IV compliant should be thrown out of the roads. After all its the environment you see!!!
5. Stop all the hybrid and electric vehicles propaganda. Batteries still need lead.
6. Discard all those CFL lamps. They've mercury and its tough to dispose.

What? Is it so tough? What makes your actions right and mine wrong? Don't I have the liberty to do as I please? No, I don't smoke around people and make them passive smokers (see I'm a responsible citizen).

Kick the butt??? Forget it.....

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I am Dumb-founded, Speechless, Have no words to praise this piece of "not-shit"! :)

Its simply amazing, superb, too gud, very nice, really cool, etc., etc. and etc.... oops... may b i dun sound very "grammatically correct" but as i've already mentioned in d first para, u gotta excuse me! ;)