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Where's my Chocosutra.....

Posted on Friday, June 05, 2009 | By Gautam | In

First we had the Kamasutra on TV. Now we have the Aamsutra!!!!! No, I'm not going to go into the moral policing tizzy here. Its just that this ad of Slice had provoked me (not in that sense). It has been on TV for quite some time now and the actress in it, a certain Katrina Kaif displays with oomph why she is ruling the minds of most of the testosterone laden Indian men. Enough with the post mortem of this ad. Lets go back to why I sat down to write this blog. Am not pretty sure which segment of the market this ad targets (see I've read Kotler). But none the less, portraying a mango drink as a medium of foreplay is indeed revolutionary.

Extending this logic further along with my love for chocolates, lets have a sensuous ad for chocolates too. A Chocosutra. Sounds good? Well it should. Chocolates are known aphrodisiacs anyways. And we all know uses of chocolates other than just eating it, don't we!!! Whenever I hear words like temptations for a chocolate brand, it just leaves me pondering why don't we have a good ad for them. If mangos can have Miss Kaif vouching and cringing for them, chocolates surely pose a better proposition.

Any Indian ad agency listening??!!!

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