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Of Mini Skirts and Global Warming.....

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The skewed logic is back after a hiatus of one day! And contrary to what you may like to infer from the heading of the blog, its not quite like that. Now coming back to the topic. Me and my friend were having a chat when suddenly at the mention of mini skirts (:D) this idea struck me. It may seem frivolous to you, but read on.

Here's what I propose- mini skirts to combat global warming. It may be contrary to the belief of some people (who think such attire is responsible for the rise in global temprature!). More mini skirts and spaghetti tops equates to lesser global warming. Here's how-
  1. They need lesser cloth to tailor. Lesser cloth= lesser cotton or other synthetic stuff, lesser material needed, lesser wastage.
  2. Lesser dyes, other chemicals and all= eco-friendly.
  3. Lesser weight= lesser use of fossil fuel needed transport= lesser emissions.
  4. Smaller size= smaller packaging= lesser plastic and paper= lesser wastage (yet again, :)).
We all are doing our bit to save our planet. The bitter, oh sorry I meant the better half of the world too should chip in with their effort. And besides all the above stated advantages, mini skirts and spaghetti tops have their inherent advantages too. And we're quite familiar with them, aren't we!!!

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the worst post till date, kya hua sale itna ghatiya likha hai, ek dum bekar, aisa likhega to tera blog padna chod dunga aur naraj bhi ho jaunga :D

hahahahahaha... good comment amit... this was stupid stuff... wearing such clothes is all fine but the opposite gender is so pathetic tht its next to impossible in a country like ours...

i've just one thing to say that colleges r going to ban girls wearing jeans, how can u expect one to wear a mini skirt in that case??

BTW, the pic is GR8!! ;)