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Code of conduct


Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Conformity is your enemy!!! Time and again we've been asked to stifle our creativity. We should not challenge our teachers. We should not wear this, we should not wear that. This outburst is because I am fed up of being told what to do!!! Rather what not to do..... how to do..... et all!!!

Code of conduct is just one of the numerous ways deviced by college authorities to maintain discipline which in fact is a way to make us sit back so that they don't have to answer all our numerous questions.

Formals or no formals, code or no code..... I will remain the way I am..... Defiance is the order of the day.....

Here's what conformity to me means

Freedom of expression is a farce..... mithya

Supreme Court judges to disclose assets


Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The rabbit's finally out of the bag!!! But with a caveat.....

Yes the Hon'ble supreme has finally decided that it's judges will have to declare their assets and liabilities. The rabbit. But they will not be answerable as how how the wealth was amassed or how it depleted. The caveat. But it comes as a welcome move no less. Public representatives, government officers et all had to declare their 'wealth'. It was only logical that the judiciary too followed suit. It would have been better had they showed the executive and the legislature the way, but even this is not bad either. For the common man in India, the judiciary is the epitome of truth, ethics and morality. The two aforesaid pillars of democracy namely the executive and the legislature had long given to the rot of corruption. Judiciary is the beacon which we all look up to. Sporadic cases of some people in the judiciary being dishonest have done the rounds. But they did remain sporadic.

The current decision by the Hon'ble Supreme court will only act to bolster the faith of the common man, who is so easily manipulated by either the neta or oppressed by the babu. True we all, including the judges fill in our annual income tax returns but it's only for the babu's eyes only!!! Getting to know of the assets of someone who is a respected public figure, his decisions open to public scrutiny will only result in transparency. The judiciary still worked as a black box in some areas but introspection and a spate of recent decisions has made it more transparent.

To sum up the importance of this landmark decision, here's what Soli Sorabjee had to quote: "salutary and important''!!!



Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Test cricket is not dead. It's still going strong. In some ways, it's more exciting than your so called fast paced ODIs or your mindless slogging in a T-20 match. So lame. Ashes 2009 proves just that. Congrats England. Kudos to the Aussies.

Coming back from an innings defeat in the previous match, the English batsmen showed what determination can do for you. Their determination left Ponting with the dubious distinction of being the only Aussie captain after Billy Murdoch to loose two Ashes series in his stewardship. But distinctions apart, such a closely fought series was needed to put the waggling tongues of the pro T-20 dudes(?) to rest. Time and again people have tried to write-off test cricket and each time the great game of uncertainties has risen to the occasion and proved why it separates men from the boys.

Ashes is more than cricket. It's the repute of two nations which is on the line. One who ruled the entire world not in the too distant past. One who was once branded the continent of the convicts. Akin to a India-Pakistan cricket, Ashes is big money too. And be rest assured, such closely fought series will keep on raking in the moolah. And such a filmy climax was only apt.

The series was bitterly fought with all those controversies starting with the first test itself. It's the last Ashes for many stalwarts from both teams. Freddie has called it shots. His hanging-up-the-boots surely marks the end of an era of a great all-rounder. We'll miss those short-pitched balls of yours!!!

'nuff said. Time to soak in the nostalgia.....

Unique IDea???


Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 | By Gautam | In

What is the price you are ready to pay for your freedom? Your life?? Nah, the government is not interested. Your privacy? Looks like someone's interested over here!!! Our society is fast becoming a vigilante society. More so since we've had the 7/11s and the 26/11s of the world. The war against terror is on. Terror has permeated into our cities. Intelligence is of paramount concern today. Agencies worldwide are trying to gather greater power by all means possible. Even if it means at the cost of privacy- your, mine, ours alike. With each passing minute surveillance techniques are getting more and more sophisticated. Getting to know that spy satellites can read the time off someone's wrist watch is passe. Everyone knows about killer drones. The fact that a cellular phone is a homing device evokes no emotions. What's next?

Next is happening right now. Companies like Google are indexing the way you surf the net- an insight into your psyche. Couple it with information like your Social Security Number or a Unique ID(UID) and the terabytes of data from The Human Genome project and you have a system in place wherein your privacy goes for a toss.

But why am I creating such hoopla suddenly? The reason- The Enemy of the State. After the movie got over, one of my friend pointed out that if Social Security Number is a boon, it also is a pain in the ass. Why? Because all your social activities- right from your driving license to vehicle registration to bank account to cell phone to medical to what have you is connected to this one number. Result- a glaring vulnerability. It's akin to a double edged sword- the government can (mis)use it, so can the hackers. Watch the movie The Net to see how your identity can be stolen. Just at the click of a button.

So what shall we do? Security of a nation is necessary. So is your personal freedom and privacy. Certain rights cannot and should not be compromised to ensure freedom. What good is a freedom which keeps a tab on what is going on in your bedroom.

The gestapo is watching. There is no escape lest you, the common man is aware of your right. The Indian Establishment has already started the process. Unique ID Number is just one of the ways forward in a slew of many such steps.

The swine flu chronicles- 2


Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Lost count of the days..... eat, sleep, eat some more, sleep some more..... this has been the regimen we've been following for the last few days..... boredom has a new dimension for all of us..... debating nondescript and trivial topics is no more helping..... seasons after seasons of TV series are over.....

The above paragraph sums up our mood. As a child I would dream of days where I would idle around doing nothing. Eating and sleeping would be my only jobs. But I was entirely wrong. Sitting idle and doing nothing is the worst kind of punishment anyone can be subjected to. Gawd how I miss those lovely days when we would be scurrying around with loads of assignment. Gimme back those days......

On a passing note, I would like to take this opportunity to vent out my no-so-misplaced anger on news portals like The Times of India and its ilk. Blowing a pandemic situation out of proportions seemed to be their motive (maybe they had some vested interest)
. And now their home page is devoid of all swine flu related news. As if the virus has suddenly disappeared from the face of this earth!!! Some journalism over there.

So long for this post. Gotta go downstairs and have something to eat 'coz it seems to be the only solace.

PS: For some more blame game, follow the link.

Jai Hind.....


Posted on Friday, August 14, 2009 | By Gautam | In

It's that time of the year when suddenly we realize we're Indians. That apart from our rights, we have duties too. That we need to imbibe patriotism into our future generations. That 'The Tri-colour ' will be hoisted. That we'll be singing 'Jana-Gana-Mana' prolly for the second time in a year (the first being 26th Jan). That we need to show our solidarity towards our armed forces. That tv channels will air movies oozing with patriotism. That we'll have those small plastic Tirangas which will be lying here and there once our nostalgia is gone. That suddenly zara yaad karo kurbani (remember the sacrifices made) is in vogue for the second time in a year. That post lunch, it's a holiday.

What are we? Proud citizens of a great nation or aloof citizens who are proud of their legacy only twice(?) a year?? Why such hippocracy is shown to a truly national event??? Doesn't it deserve the same level of joyous celebrations that we display on a Diwali or an Id or a Christmas???

Happy Independence Day!!!

Jai Hind!!!

The swine flu chronicles- 1


Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Nothing happened the way it was supposed to happen. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to work- Robert Neville (I Am Legend)

The Americans decide not to pay their home loans, we get recession.
The Americans decide to eat pork, we get swine flu.

Day 1: Bored.
Day 2: Borred.

This is my first experience of being in a pandemic and to tell you the truth, I'm shit scared. And a whole lot of boredom has dawned unto us. The Maharashtra government has declared the educational institutions to close down. My college is closed. People ran off to their natives. There are some of us (survivors) who decided to stay back, not coz we are brave or something, but because we did not want to be the vectors of the deadly virus and take it back home.

It sometimes gives me chills when I think about movies like I Am Legend. In my ignorance, I made fun of the characters. But to live in an almost empty campus and roam about it is no fun.

Gawd forgive my sins for I made fun of a good movie!!!

The Bare truth.....


Posted on Monday, August 10, 2009 | By Gautam | In ,

The following lines are from Gulaal which aptly describe the current abyss into which we as a society are spiraling into. Couldn't find a better description of our times. The play of words intertwined with the soulful music is a must hear for every patriot.....

Yaara Maula,Yaara Maula
Haan Haan Yaadon Mein Hai Ab Bhi
Kya Surila Wo Jahan Tha
Hamare Haathon Mein Rangeen Gubaare The
Aur Dil Mein Mehekta Sama Tha, Yaara Maula..

Wo To Khwabo Ki Thi Duniya, Wo Kitabo Ki Thi Duniya
Saas Mein The Machalte Hue Zaljale
Aankh Mein Wo Suhana Nasha Tha, Yaara Maula..
Wo Zameen Thi, Aasmaan Tha,Hum Ko Lekin Kya Pata Tha
Hum Khade The Jahan Par
Ussi Ke Kinaare Pe Gehra Sa Andha Kua Tha

Phir Wo Aaye Bheed Ban Kar, Haath Mein The Unke Khanjhar
Bole Phenko Yeh Kitaabe, Aur Sambhalo Yeh Salakhein
Jo Gehra Sa Kua Hai, Haan Haan Andha To Nahi Hai
Iss Kue Mein Hai Khazana, Kal Ki Duniya To Yahi Hai
Kud Jao Leke Khanjhar , Kaat Daalo Jo Ho Andar
Tum Hi Kal Ke Ho Shivaji, Tum Hi Kal Ke Ho Sikander
Humne Wo Hi Kiya Jo Uhone Kaha, Kyunki Unki To Khawahish Yahi Thi
Hum Nahi Jaante Yeh Bhi Kyu Yeh Kiya? Kyunki Unki Farmaaish Yahi Thi
Ab Hamare Laga Zaayka Khoon Ka,Ab Batao Kare To Kare Kya?
Nahi Hai Koi Jo Hume Kuch Bataye,Batao Kare To Kare Kya?

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants- Thomas Jefferson

So does that mean that what happens in the name of patriotism is right?!!

Sample this- Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious- Oscar Wilde

Who do you trust??!!!



Posted on Saturday, August 08, 2009 | By Gautam | In

If we fear dying then we fear living - a fear that could cripple our joy, disable our imagination and imprison our spirit- Mark Kolke

The lines pretty much sums up the gloomy mood people are in, in Pune. Swine flu. A simple RNA structure making people jump up and down. Going crazy. Nuts. Fearing their guts out. Going underground even (as if the virus cannot penetrate the walls, pretty mighty huh?!).

The only point of conversation is swine flu. Heck if we chant god's name so many times in a single day, he'll grant us nirvana. Nirvana will be ours, but after dying a thousand deaths a thousand times in a day. Mass hysteria. I'd only read about it. But now I'm experiencing it first sneeze, err hand. Come on junta, get hold of yourselves.

I'm not taking anything away from the H1N1 virus (hey viruses have code numbers, how cool is that!!!). It's deadly dangerous. But that does not mean we panic and make others jump around in panic too. The worst part- it has thrown up many 'self proclaimed doctors' who seem to know more about the virus than the pigs themselves. They'll tell you that your infected, heck even give you the medication. FTW!!!

Sample this- my entire college is now a fortress, a quarantine zone. One I've never experienced before. No one goes out. No one comes in (what about the air we breathe sirs, can you stop its flow?!). Much like prison break. Somebody get me outta here..... SOS.....

BTW, the swines (pigs for those who didn't knew) had their revenge, finally!!! Ever seen a pig being killed for some of us to savor pork and appreciate the culinary skills of the cook?! Looks like they've retaliated and how.....

But all this gibberish and brouhaha reminds me of two movies- I am Legend and V for Vendetta..... what if we're doomed in a similar manner? Who'll save us?? God! Fear's got hold of my free soul too..... hey I'm spiraling into the abyss of fear.....

Elephant v/s Dragon


Posted on Friday, August 07, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The title says it all. It gives away everything. Yes, its a no brainer. India v/s China. Neighbours. One time friends. Lack of trust. Enemies. Prodigal competitors. Et all. Did anyone say competitors?!! Well I don't think so.

The pretext first which made me sit up and spam the world wide web with yet another blog post. A discussion in my Retail & Services class prompted the professor to venture into the now much travelled and battered path which led to the inevitable- the Elephant v/s the Dragon. And since every other person is now an expert in Indo-China geopolitics and understands the dynamics of how trade is facilitated between two countries, head nodding was inevitable.

But there is no competition as such between the two countries. Here's why. China opened its market in 1978, the same time when the Morarji Desai government was busy driving IBM and Coke out of India. Capitalism is an evil. Or so we were made to believe. Deng Xiaoping gave this famous quote then- The color of the cat does not matter as long as it catches mice. And the cat did catch some mice and how. We opened our markets in 1991 and that too coz our forex reserves had hit an all time low. Well lowest to survive, to be precise. Maths says China has a head start of 13 years. Some gap there.

Also the Chinese model is that of cost arbitrage due to mass production. Quality can wait. Nothing hi-tech. We on the other hand specialize in quality production and hi-tech too in some areas. Infy, TCS, Bharat Forge, Aditya Birla and the numerous others have done us proud.

Their internal consumption is humongous unlike ours. The lesson we learnt the hard way during this current ongoing recession (argh).

So its pretty clear. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to pears. We have our own niche and they have theirs. Segmentation. And hence this post.

As such, dragons are mythical creatures but elephants can be touched and felt in flesh and blood.

Shahrukh or Amir.....


Posted on Monday, August 03, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Statutory Warning: Do not read the article if you are a Shahrukh or an Amir fan/ die-hard fan.

A few days ago a heated and intense debate ensued between my friends in which yours truly was involved. The subject of the discussion was not world peace or the American imperialism or even the current recession (phew! What a relief!!). It was something that may come across to you as trivial, but the implications of which has a bearing on all of us.

Of all the questions in this world, we set out on an ordeal to find out who is a better actor- Shahrukh or Amir! And suddenly the whole world was divided into two camps (much like the cold war era..... well not quite, but anyways.....). The allegiances were decided and the legions set off for a war of words, a war that left warriors bruised and battered (mentally though!). Both the camps tried their level best to convert the other camp into following and worshiping the actor/ hero that they like. But as is the case, loyals seldom change their stance. Eventually everyone retired for the night as sleep had overtaken their love for debating.

Here is my take on the things-
  • Matters related to stuff that appeals to one's aesthetic sense should not be subjected to debate. A person engrossed in Picasso's cubism may very well hate Van Gogh's realism and vice-versa. To each unto his own.....
  • To support one's claim, awards must not be the yardstick. We all know how Alfred the master of suspense Hitchcock never won an Oscar.
  • People also must not thrust their choices down someone's throat.
  • Popularity may not be the best yardstick. However we must learn to respect the choice that millions of other people have already made.
Shahrukh or Amir. The debate may go on endlessly without any possible or plausible outcome. What we can do though in the meantime is to confine matters relating to one's aesthetics to the choice that person had made and move on.....