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Supreme Court judges to disclose assets

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The rabbit's finally out of the bag!!! But with a caveat.....

Yes the Hon'ble supreme has finally decided that it's judges will have to declare their assets and liabilities. The rabbit. But they will not be answerable as how how the wealth was amassed or how it depleted. The caveat. But it comes as a welcome move no less. Public representatives, government officers et all had to declare their 'wealth'. It was only logical that the judiciary too followed suit. It would have been better had they showed the executive and the legislature the way, but even this is not bad either. For the common man in India, the judiciary is the epitome of truth, ethics and morality. The two aforesaid pillars of democracy namely the executive and the legislature had long given to the rot of corruption. Judiciary is the beacon which we all look up to. Sporadic cases of some people in the judiciary being dishonest have done the rounds. But they did remain sporadic.

The current decision by the Hon'ble Supreme court will only act to bolster the faith of the common man, who is so easily manipulated by either the neta or oppressed by the babu. True we all, including the judges fill in our annual income tax returns but it's only for the babu's eyes only!!! Getting to know of the assets of someone who is a respected public figure, his decisions open to public scrutiny will only result in transparency. The judiciary still worked as a black box in some areas but introspection and a spate of recent decisions has made it more transparent.

To sum up the importance of this landmark decision, here's what Soli Sorabjee had to quote: "salutary and important''!!!

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