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The swine flu chronicles- 1

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Nothing happened the way it was supposed to happen. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to work- Robert Neville (I Am Legend)

The Americans decide not to pay their home loans, we get recession.
The Americans decide to eat pork, we get swine flu.

Day 1: Bored.
Day 2: Borred.

This is my first experience of being in a pandemic and to tell you the truth, I'm shit scared. And a whole lot of boredom has dawned unto us. The Maharashtra government has declared the educational institutions to close down. My college is closed. People ran off to their natives. There are some of us (survivors) who decided to stay back, not coz we are brave or something, but because we did not want to be the vectors of the deadly virus and take it back home.

It sometimes gives me chills when I think about movies like I Am Legend. In my ignorance, I made fun of the characters. But to live in an almost empty campus and roam about it is no fun.

Gawd forgive my sins for I made fun of a good movie!!!

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Well! dude u are right... I had the same thought and at the very moment it became clear to me that leaving was a better option... I am too scared to be alone in such scenario..