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The swine flu chronicles- 2

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Lost count of the days..... eat, sleep, eat some more, sleep some more..... this has been the regimen we've been following for the last few days..... boredom has a new dimension for all of us..... debating nondescript and trivial topics is no more helping..... seasons after seasons of TV series are over.....

The above paragraph sums up our mood. As a child I would dream of days where I would idle around doing nothing. Eating and sleeping would be my only jobs. But I was entirely wrong. Sitting idle and doing nothing is the worst kind of punishment anyone can be subjected to. Gawd how I miss those lovely days when we would be scurrying around with loads of assignment. Gimme back those days......

On a passing note, I would like to take this opportunity to vent out my no-so-misplaced anger on news portals like The Times of India and its ilk. Blowing a pandemic situation out of proportions seemed to be their motive (maybe they had some vested interest)
. And now their home page is devoid of all swine flu related news. As if the virus has suddenly disappeared from the face of this earth!!! Some journalism over there.

So long for this post. Gotta go downstairs and have something to eat 'coz it seems to be the only solace.

PS: For some more blame game, follow the link.

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