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Code of conduct

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Conformity is your enemy!!! Time and again we've been asked to stifle our creativity. We should not challenge our teachers. We should not wear this, we should not wear that. This outburst is because I am fed up of being told what to do!!! Rather what not to do..... how to do..... et all!!!

Code of conduct is just one of the numerous ways deviced by college authorities to maintain discipline which in fact is a way to make us sit back so that they don't have to answer all our numerous questions.

Formals or no formals, code or no code..... I will remain the way I am..... Defiance is the order of the day.....

Here's what conformity to me means

Freedom of expression is a farce..... mithya

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