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If we fear dying then we fear living - a fear that could cripple our joy, disable our imagination and imprison our spirit- Mark Kolke

The lines pretty much sums up the gloomy mood people are in, in Pune. Swine flu. A simple RNA structure making people jump up and down. Going crazy. Nuts. Fearing their guts out. Going underground even (as if the virus cannot penetrate the walls, pretty mighty huh?!).

The only point of conversation is swine flu. Heck if we chant god's name so many times in a single day, he'll grant us nirvana. Nirvana will be ours, but after dying a thousand deaths a thousand times in a day. Mass hysteria. I'd only read about it. But now I'm experiencing it first sneeze, err hand. Come on junta, get hold of yourselves.

I'm not taking anything away from the H1N1 virus (hey viruses have code numbers, how cool is that!!!). It's deadly dangerous. But that does not mean we panic and make others jump around in panic too. The worst part- it has thrown up many 'self proclaimed doctors' who seem to know more about the virus than the pigs themselves. They'll tell you that your infected, heck even give you the medication. FTW!!!

Sample this- my entire college is now a fortress, a quarantine zone. One I've never experienced before. No one goes out. No one comes in (what about the air we breathe sirs, can you stop its flow?!). Much like prison break. Somebody get me outta here..... SOS.....

BTW, the swines (pigs for those who didn't knew) had their revenge, finally!!! Ever seen a pig being killed for some of us to savor pork and appreciate the culinary skills of the cook?! Looks like they've retaliated and how.....

But all this gibberish and brouhaha reminds me of two movies- I am Legend and V for Vendetta..... what if we're doomed in a similar manner? Who'll save us?? God! Fear's got hold of my free soul too..... hey I'm spiraling into the abyss of fear.....

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Too good... best is how the pigs have retaliated... I'm sure i'm not having pork for a very long time now... ;)

Keep on writing...The first line quoted about fear was great!!!Hope we don't see -----
Coming soon ....Revenge of the PIGS - prequel :-)