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Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 | By Gautam | In

I was watching a video of George Carlin yesterday (yes the same fellow who uses the 'f-word' more time in a day than breaths) and this is what he quoted:
I am fed up of being told who to choose as my hero!!!
And it is pretty tough to deny this flawless point. Pick up a newspaper, magazine, log onto a website, switch onto a channel. What do you find (apart from all the gore or terrorism related news)? That this is how an ideal idol should be. He/ she should be your hero. You should have morals/ ethics like this/ that person. Yes, whatever!!!

I do not need to be told who to look up to. I do not need to turn onto these self help gurus, who in my opinion are in dire need of some self help themselves. Better they read their own crap before they start preaching. I am fine the way I am.

I have my own heroes and I'm happy the way things are!!! And yes, George Carlin, your logic IS flawless.....

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