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Whose morality is it anyway.....

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Statutory warning: The following piece of literature is not against parents and people who belong to the older generation.

Why did I just write the above warning? No, its not because of a legislation or a court order. You'll soon get to know.

How many of us are familiar with this scene- a kid being dragged to a satsang where he/she is subjected to confront a person babbling verses in language only the gods will understand (because its encrypted with a 1024 bit key!!!) and in a tone that hardly illicits devotion (rather it seems the pundit is going through the motions). I'm sure many have suffered (because we too have been at the recieving end). Watch this, don't watch that. Listen to this, don't listen that. Read this, don't read that. This is fine upto an extent (we don't want our youngsters watching, listening or reading all the wrong stuff, do we), but all this becomes too much after an extent. Its like our elders are puppeteering us. Why? In the name of morality. Juxtaposing their version of morality on our sensibilities is the favourite pastime in our nation.

Many of us have studied a dreaded and boring subject called moral science (or something like that) during our schooling. It taught us all that is good and morally correct and even politically correct in some cases. But try standing up for your rights in front of your teacher or parents or elders and surely more often than not, you'll be subjected to this- jaban ladata hai!!! Followed by some sort of punishment (corporal mostly). This is true even when we land up in colleges and post-grad courses.

Unclejis driving their vehicles in the wrong lane, spitting here and there, breaking rules blatantly would love to shower you with their wisdom(?) and more importantly their version of morality. Sanskaar is a buzz word these days for such people and by the looks of it, there is a dearth of it in youngsters. Sirs, would you please explain this to me- why do so many people from your generation get caught on charges of corruption and all? What does this signify? That your elders were pretty unable to discharge you with the right set of morals? Would it be right if I assume so?

Stop this moral onslaught on us. The best way a kid learns stuff is when he/she is exposed to information from all around and allowed to make an informed, unbiased view. If the morality that has been imparted to us is so lame as to keep us a developing nation in these 60 years, then I'm proud to wear this badge- MORALLY IMPAIRED.....

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