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Section 377- going going gone!!!

Posted on Thursday, July 02, 2009 | By Gautam | In , , ,

I'm no gay or lesbian rights activist. I'm not interested in the sexual allegiances of people either. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom! But the erstwhile British Raj made it a point to wrap on the moral veil and tell the subjects how to behave in their bedrooms. Free India decided to ctrl+c and ctrl+v the draconian laws and hence Section 377 of the IPC was also carried forward as a raj hangover. We're in desperate need of customized laws that reflect the sensibilities of India and not that of some colonial ruler. The funniest part is that Britain has long done away with these inhuman and discriminatory laws.

The worst part of 377 is that it gives even the highly competent constables (due pun intended) of Indian Police to detain people of same sex on the charges of sodomy, even if they're holding hands in the public.

Being gay does not make anyone inhuman or straight people highly humane. On the contrary, people who consider themselves as straight are the one's discriminating, launching violent attacks against gay people.

And as I've already said, the government has no right to interfere into and encroach upon our privacy by peeking into our bedrooms. Sure, religious leaders and moral police will take their stand against this development calling it as unnatural and all but I hope that these developments are irreversible.

God made humans with free will everyone has the the right to exercise his own free will. Period.

Will the so called 'keepers of the society' please shut up???

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