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Posted on Monday, July 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Numb. Comfortably numb. Estranged. Jeopardy. Double jeopardy. Good. Bad. Ugly. Butterflies in the stomach. Dumbfounded. Bored. Stuck. Damage. Collateral damage. Egos. Hurt egos.

No. I'm not just writing some incoherent set of words or pouring the psychotic blabbering of a frustrated mind (although I'm a bit frustrated, but you can blame it on the jet, err train lag). These have a very critical bearing on all of us who are in a presentation. Doesn't matter which side you belong to. These words suffice the mood in the room.

The presenter is too scared. The crowd is too bored or too anxious. But be rest assured, the 'too' tag is utterly (butterly) justified. All but extreme behaviour rules the roost during a presentation.

Your palms are sweating. You're playing with your ring/pen. Butterflies (big ones) are having a field day in your stomach. Helplessness has conquered your senses. You wish you weren't there. The audience is busy in their own chores. Some are listening, some even jotting down something. Some look simply unimpressed, bored, even yawning. And you are on the podium akin to the sacrificial lamb who will be sacrificed any moment now. The presentation is finally over but your tension is far from over. Now you'll have to face the volley of questions the audience has for you (provided if they were listening). Some of your friends use it as an opportunity to have their share of fun by making you uncomfortable. Your frenimies were waiting for this day and this day only for some time now. And at last its all over. Some claim victory, some are devastated, some disillusioned while some just laugh it over. Complete entertainment.

Many of us have been privy to this sick thing called presentation. Sometimes on the podium and sometimes in the audience. And most of you will concur with me that the vivid description that you just visualised (courtesy- your truly) is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yet we have presentations galore.

Do we really need presentations??? I guess we do. It satisfies the hedonist inside us. Ponder over it.

Power point????? Far from it.

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nice one once again... but i love presentations... so much better thn giving tests... ;)