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My music.....

Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2009 | By Gautam | In

It was a year of great music. There were off beat movies. And there was music to compliment them. If we had a Piyush Mishra penning a beauty like Yaara maula, we had Gulzar with romance revisited with Pehli baar. Here's a list of songs which made me tap, rock, hum along or just plain old lying-with-my-eyes-closed thing. There's no rating for them. Each one is unique and when played at the right time, had a mesmerizing effect. So here it goes.

Dev.D- Some simply outrageous posters. An awesome take on Sharat Babu's Devdas. Music that made me think. Emosanal atyachar- all the three versions. Three?!! you say? Include the x-rated one too. I know, you possess it. Nayan tarse was another song that I felt was beautifully composed. Hats off!!!

Kaminey- an awesomely written movie wherein each character was so minutely etched that one had no reason but to be in awe throughout. If Dhan te nan was psychotic to some extent, then Pehli baar satisfied the romantic in us. But the show stealer was the title track itself. What with Gulzar and his lyrics. Masoom sa kabootar nacha toh mor nikla. Pure genius.

Gulaal- hard hitting. Crass. Caustic. True. I don't find other adjectives to value this piece of art. Piyush Mishra is one of the most under rated lyricists. Listen to Yaaraa maula and you'll know. Or for that matter, pick up Aarambh hai prachand. Prachand is what that song is. The verse wherein he says- aaj ka launda yeh keh raha hum toh bismill thak gaye...... apni aazaadi toh bhaiya laundiya k dill mein hai is superb.

Other notable stuff has to include
  • Masakali
  • Iktara
  • Guzarish
  • Fiqrana (best thing in a disaster called Blue)
  • Hai junoon
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i think u have missed out twist......