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The RED Dot.....

Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | By Gautam | In , , ,

Lets get some facts straight-
  • Gmail is the BEST email service. Ever.
  • Gtalk is the greatest invention since Windows 3.1.
  • Americans who feel that AOL is better than Gmail prove the 10=35 rule (read One night at call centre if you don't know what that means).

Now why do I write all these facts which everyone (even the Americans) already know? Well for one, I had an incessant itch to post a post for quite sometime now. For others, I suddenly realised how Gtalk has become a part of my life, the way I communicate and all. But the most peculiar thing that stands out is a behaviour pattern that has emerged out of using this chat client is the urge to stay on-line 24x7. Well almost. At least for us Indians.

The moment I get up, my lappy is fired up and I'm on-line. Depending upon my mood, it'll either be a red dot or a green one. But I need to be on-line. Its an urge. A craving. Even if I'm doing something important like watching a movie, I'm on-line. Lesser evils like attending classes do not discourage me from remaining on-line. What with wi-fi and all, being on-line 24x7 is my modus operandi. And this addiction is there for most of us. Even before Twitter became a vogue. Being away, sleeping, et all do not encourage me to get off-line. My lappy's still on-line. My friends who are in the US too suffer from the same problem. And this has become a way of life.

I suppose, and I know I'm not tangential from my hypothesis when I say this, but its something that all of us practice.

Most of the time red works but that does not mean you shouldn't ping me. Except for those days when red really really means I'm busy. But you have no way to find that out. HAH!!!

#FML Google.

PS: Google in no way has sponsored this post.

PPS: Google has not threatened me to make amends due to my earlier posts.

PPS: I would have loved if they'd sponsored this post!!!

PPPS: I'm not a communist and my fascination with the colour red does not construe anything.

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