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Are You Nuts?!!!

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2009 | By Gautam | In

Modi mulls two IPLs every year (!!! You must be joking, right?! No?! Then sir I'm sorry to say you're in some opium eater's paradise. IPL was a success, IPL 2 seems to be a bigger one (even after being hosted overseas). But now things are getting too far. Already the cricketing schedules of countries are jam packed and you want to slip in one more IPL?! Sir the players are still humans when I last checked and not bots.

This move, if successful will kill test cricket and will take the sheen away from one day cricket. This proposal is blatantly outrageous and for people like me for whom cricket is like a religion, its blasphemous! This is a classic case of killing the golden egg laying goose. Some may argue that T-20 is a young man's game and that having two IPL's in a year will not affect them much, but consider these facts- the Orange cap holder this time around is Matthew Hayden, who was an excellent test player and is in his late thirties. Remember the innings Gilchrist palyed in the semis (85 off 35 bowls), who just like his fellow countryman Hayden is in his late thirties.

T-20 is not quite the slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of version of cricket. Rather IPL 2 has clearly shown that it has place for test veterans too alongwith the young blood.

Mr. Modi, an advice- don't overdo it, its only going to kill test cricket!!!

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agree with u totally bro.. very nicely put..! :)

well i feel... overdoin it will even kill the thrill in IPL... so keep it once a year n enjot the sucess of it... :)