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I won't vote!!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, May 05, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The television news channels, newspapers and other media sources are rife with the great Indian tamasha called the General Elections. This time around everyone wants us- the general public to vote. Even the Bollywood stars are calling us out on the election day to vote! You are a 'pappu' if you don't vote- they want us to believe. Yes, whatever!!!

But I won't vote. The reason is simple. The candidates are just not good enough. Sample this- there are two candidates in your area- one has been convicted for 3 murders and the other has been convicted for 8 rapes. Who do I vote for? The murderer or the rapist. But vote I must. So they say. Should I vote for the lesser evil out of the two then? But who decides what is the lesser evil?

Hence the decision. I WON'T VOTE!!!

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