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Kudos to Indian Public :)

Posted on Saturday, May 16, 2009 | By Gautam | In

The Indian Public has once again proved how intelligent and uncanny it can be! Just when all the smaller regional parties were salivating at the prospect of a hung assembly wherein they can play the role of kingmakers and demand lucrative ATM ministries (remember some of the netas who are eternal ministers irrespective of who forms the government), the Indian voter turned their dreams upside down. Consider this- two national parties together getting 300+ seats. The verdict is clear- we want stable government at the center.

This should also act as an eye opener for all those contestants who did not have a control over their language and lashed out against each other using vocabulary which is highly unbecoming of aspiring national leaders. Such people have been rejected outright by the masses.

A note of caution to the Left parties too- consider your 2004 Loksabha performance to be a fluke. You guys have been flushed away from states like West Bengal and Kerela which have since long been their bastion. Development pays, oppose it and you pay!!!

And my best wishes to all those Prime Ministerial candidates- better luck next time. Maybe in five years time, you guys will acquire all those skills which make the people vote.

Finally for UPA, you guys have been given a powerful mandate by the people to carry on the reforms. Don't fiddle away the advantage.

Long live the democracy, long live the Indian voter.....

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