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Should we have elections more frequently during recessions???

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2009 | By Gautam | In

A piece of article on Wall Street Journal goes like this- "India's month-long federal elections may have an unintended beneficiary -- the economy, as political parties boost spending at a time when the government's own finances are stretched". Catch the entire article @

The slowdown isn't going anywhere in the near future, the exit polls show that there is no single largest coalition. Extending the logic given in the article, we ought to benefit from an indecisive and unstable government at the center. Not only will it ensure a re-election in the near future, but it'll help stimulating the economy. And people say that our beloved (?) netas are good for nothing!

The US should particularly take a leaf out of this Indian experience because there the money flows in the light during the elections (in the name of lobbying, but its a different story altogether). A sagging US economy is not a good news for anyone. So the politicians there should pass a resolution wherein they would conduct elections on a yearly basis, so long as its required to drive the recession away! The bailout package isn't showing much stimulus anyways, maybe this idea will work.

India shows the way, once again.....

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